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Penny For Your Soul #1-7 (of 7) Plus Special

Penny For Your Soul #1-7 (of 7) Plus Special
8 CBR | May 5 - Jun 15 2011 | 115.21 MB
Danica is the daughter of the Devil. She’s a knockout redhead who owns the Eternity Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. For the price of one’s soul, all patrons of the Eternity are given $10,000 and unlimited access to beauties for, well, you know. The only problem for Danica is that she's screwing up the balance between Heaven and Hell. Throw in Mary Magdalene to the mix and you have cheesecake, overt sexuality and glitz, in a story that has absolutely no moral yet doesn't take itself too seriously, aided by crackerjack artwork. Oddball, profane (for some) and terrific fun. All issues and the Mary Magdalene Special save issue #3 (which is a DCP scan) are Minutemen scans. Multiple covers. Mature readers only.

Penny for your Soul #1-7
Penny for your Soul: The Temptation of May Magdalene Special
Download MIRROR #1

Download MIRROR #2

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