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Forever and 40 Days: The Genesis of Phantacea

Forever and 40 Days: The Genesis of Phantacea
CBR | 1990 | 88 Pages | 61.8 MB
"Amemp Tut, the eighth patriarch of Golden Age Humankind, died in the same year as the Great Flood. He did not die in it, though, -- and his grandson, the tenth patriarch, did not mourn his passing." Jim McPherson's(writer) and Ian Fry's (artist) Panacea mythos is a highly imaginative, action oriented anheroic fantasy in graphic novel form consisting of 9 sequences treating the Genesis as mythology. A short story, entitled “Sister Grandmother”, written by Jim McPherson, is also included, and it features concepts, 6 illustrations and some characters from the PHANTACEA Mythos as originally presented in the 6-issue PHANTACEA comic book series from 1977-1980.
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