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Hawkgirl #50-66

Hawkgirl #50-66
May 2006 - Sep 2007 | CBR | 17 Issues | 110 MB
writer - Walter Simonson (Orion, ELRIC: THE MAKING OF A SORCEROR) and artist - Howard Chaykin (American Flagg, CITY OF TOMORROW)
Strange happenings seem to be happening around Kendra Saunders. First, she is plagued by nightmares of Hawkman and skeletal angels, and then the museum is struck by a mysterious earthquake. When Kendra and Danny Evans decide to search the vault, they make a startling discovery before they are separated in a cave-in!

Hawkgirl is the name of several female fictional superhero characters, all owned by DC Comics and existing in that company's universe. The character is one of the first costumed female superheroes. All of them are partners, and sometimes spouses or lovers, of the various incarnations of Hawkman, and share many features with the character Hawkwoman. --Wiki
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