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Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds #1-5

Final Crisis: Legion Of 3 Worlds #1-5
CBR/ZIP | English | 5 Issues | 151 MB
The Time Trapper, after many unsuccessful attempts to remove Superman from history, retrieves a time-lost Superboy-Prime and sends him to 31st century Smallville. Superboy-Prime is enraged to learn of his minimal impact on history, while Superman remained a highly influential figure 1000 years later. He breaks all of the Legion's villains out of Takron-Galtos and leads them as a massive Legion of Super-Villains in a bid to destroy everything Superman inspired, including the Legion of Super-Heroes and the United Planets. The villains travel to Sorcerers' World to recruit Mordru before continuing to Earth, killing Rond Vidar (former Legionnaire and the last Green Lantern) in the process. Meanwhile, the Time Trapper observes the assassination of Legion financier RJ Brande.
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