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Batman: Dark detective #1-6

Batman: Dark detective #1-6
CBR/ZIP | English | 6 Issues | 68 MB
One of the most popular Batman creative teams ever reunites for a twice-monthly- shipping 6-issue miniseries! Writer Steve Englehart and artists Marshall Rogers & Terry Austin set a high standard with their acclaimed run on DETECTIVE COMICS in the late 1970s! Now that team is back with BATMAN: DARK DETECTIVE, a miniseries that pits the Dark Knight against the most famous and feared members of his Rogues Gallery! In the startling debut issue, the Joker enters a gubernatorial election using the campain slogan "Vote for me or I'll kill you!" Will it persuade voters? Plus, Bruce Wayne's old love interest Silver St. Cloud returns, as do Two-Face and the Scarecrow! And the action continues in the startling second issue, as the Scarecrow manages to overcome Batman in the one location where he's most vulnerable: the Batcave! Meanwhile, the Bruce Wayne/Silver St. Cloud relationship heats up! Issue #1.
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