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Amazon: Steel Of A Soldier's Heart

Amazon: Steel Of A Soldier's Heart (2000)
Graphic Novel | CBR | B/W | 110 pages | 138 MB
Author: Bill Williams; Artists: Robb Phipps, Bill Williams, Martin Thomas
Princess Faith also known as Amazon crashes to the Earth and meets an archaeologist in the high lonely deserts of New Mexico. After she unwittingly releases a monster on the small town of Buena Suerte, she has to beat an awful remnant of her homeworld.
The Amazon feature by Bill Williams and Robb Phipps anchored the Lone Star Press series HEROIC TALES. Robb (MANTRA) Phipps illustrated the story of a Princess from far, far away and her adventures on the brave new world called Earth in this re-examination of a popular super myth. This trade collects pages from Heroic Tales #1, #2 and #3 and adds 30 new pages. Plus an introduction by comics legend Mike W. Barr.
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