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The Last Days of Animal Man #5 (of 6)

The Last Days of Animal Man #5 (of 6)
CBR | Sep 30 2009 | 23 Pages | 12.8 MB
Is Buddy Baker losing it all? Everyman hero Buddy Baker has fought hard for our world, and for his family. But by the year 2024, the Earth has seen better days: The heroes are growing tired, the villains have grown nastier and Buddy's own hometown of San Diego has struggled for years to recover from a cataclysmic typhoon. His children have grown and his marriage has gotten colder… and now, as San Diego faces the most vicious Super-Villain it's seen in years, his powers are starting to fail him! Without his powers, without his family – who is Buddy Baker? Can he still be a husband? Can he still be a father? Can he still be Animal Man? And more importantly, can he even survive the bloodthirsty plan his arch-rival's progeny has in store for him? Written by Gerry Conway; Art by Chris Batista and Dave Meikis; Cover by Brian Bolland. Comics legend Gerry Conway (TV's Law and Order) makes his return to DC with this can't-miss 6-part miniseries.

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