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Superman: Secret Origin #1 (of 6)

Superman: Secret Origin #1 (of 6)
CBR | Sep 23, 2009 | 43 Pages | 33.3 MB
Superman: Secret Origin is a six-issue monthly American comic book limited series written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank that has long been announced but finally launched. Superman's origin story, most recently told in 2003's Superman: Birthright, has received numerous retcons and changes in the aftermath of the DC Comics event Infinite Crisis. As such, Superman's origin story in the current DC Comics continuity has yet to be told. This story therefore features what Johns and DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio are calling a "definitive" telling of the origin story of Superman, dealing with his life in Smallville, his first adventure with the Legion of Super-Heroes, his friendship and eventual bitter rivalry with Lex Luthor and his arrival in Metropolis and at the Daily Planet. Dan DiDio decided to have Secret Origin run as its own mini-series, instead of within a Superman title as Johns had done previously with Green Lantern: Secret Origin. DiDio said, "They’ll be doing the definitive origin of Superman as we’ve seen it all take place, and incorporating the changes that we’ve seen or suggested since Infinite Crisis." The series' first issue was released on September 23, 2009 and will run through February of 2010.

Hot on the heels of their acclaimed run on ACTION COMICS, superstars Geoff Johns and Gary Frank reunite to present a 6-issue event that spells out the definitive origin of Superman for the 21st century – and it all starts with a gigantic 48-page issue! Chronicling Clark Kent’s journey from the cornfields of Smallville to the skyscrapers of Metropolis, you’ll witness a whole new look at the beginnings of Lex Luthor, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Lois Lane, Metallo, Jimmy Olsen, the Parasite and more! It’s a look at the mythic past of the Man of Steel with an eye toward the future! Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Gary Frank and Jon Sibal; Covers by Gary Frank
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