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Vampi #1-25

Vampi #1-25 (2000-2002)
English | 25 issues | CBR | 104MB
The art of the illustrious Kevin Lau along with the mind-blowing stories of David Conway bring Vampirella into the twenty-first century with a bang! The cult favorite bloodsucker of who began in the late 1960s has been modernized along with her world. Gone is the trademark swimsuit-look, replaced by high tech and medieval martial arts-related weapons. Lau has an anime style which still carries exquisite detail in every panel, with everyone’s favorite vampire’s every move as sexy as ever. Vampi’s new world is a futuristic urban jungle: very gritty and very real. Her friends and enemies are just as modern and just as deadly.
Download MIRROR #1

Download MIRROR #2

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