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Caligula #5

Caligula #5 (2011)
English | CBR | 25 Pages | 21 MB
"Lapham delivers another blood drenched chapter in the saga of the most feared Roman Emperor of all time, Caligula! A young boy, once naive to the hedonistic ways of the Roman upper class, finds that the only way to kill a god is to learn all of its secrets. But there is only so much slaughter and suffering that a soul can endure…even one bent on avenging the murder of his parents. A modern master of horror, Lapham will take you into the darkest corners of the soul and reveal the madness within. Hot new talent, German Nobile, illustrates this no-holds-barred ride down the road to Hell. Caligula #5 is available with a Regular cover by Jacen Burrows, a Wraparound cover by series artist German Nobile, and a special Golden age of Rome retailer incentive cover."
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