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Siege: The Cabal #1 (One-Shot)

Siege: The Cabal #1 (One-Shot)
CBR | Jan 2010 | 31 Pages | 35.5 MB
THE SIEGE STARTS HERE!! Remember when you were first introduced to the Cabal, the gathering of the most sinister members of the Marvel Universe, and you said to yourself: Well, that's going to blow up in everyone's face! Well, you were right and it happens right here!! Norman Osborn faces off with Doctor Doom and his mysterious threat to Doom is revealed. All of this is setting the stage for next month's explosive event: SIEGE! By: Brian Michael Bendis, Michael Lark, David Finch

Yes, indeed, The Siege starts with this one-shot. And okay... okay, for this I take back what I said earlier in my Dark Avengers Annual #1(2010) post about Brian Michael Bendis making a mess of things; obviously when you've had seven years to think things over (The Siege which is of course the next big event in the Marvel Universe is being hyped as "seven years in the making") you'd have things properly put in place. This one-shot is the prologue for The Siege and quite rightly sets the tone. From the very first panels the story grabs you by the gut and manages to hold you there, so that you can't wait for the subsequent Siege titles and series tie-ins.

Let's talk about the principal character Norman Osborn. Granted that he is a brilliant scientist in his own right--and a brilliant tactician and strategist, to have achieved what he has achieved and to get where he is now. But he is no Reed Richards. When you take on Dr. Doom and his new-found powers in the current continuity head-on you better be more than diabolical--you have to be as superlative as Mr. Fantastic, and then some. And between the God of Mischief who leeringly outlines for Norman Osborn the steps he has to take and that embedded persona from his past inside his head, well, you have to be really dumb not to suspect Norman's in for a fall. The fun, though, is in reading, and learning, and waiting how all this is going to come about. At first I thought including a preview into the main storyline title series The Siege #1 would be a giveaway; but in context of all that's going to happen, I can't wait for that first issue to which this one-shot segues. Bendis is in fine form here, and so are the art team. Oh and one other thing: at the last page is the checklist for the Siege crossover event of 2010.
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