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Siege #1 (of 4)

Siege #1 (of 4)
CBR | Feb 2010 | 38 Pages | 19 MB
Marvel begins Siege, an event that they've branded as "Seven Years In The Making." It's hard to refute the claim as, Secret Invasion aside, Marvel has done a very fine job at knitting its entire line together into a cohesive and propelling forward narrative. This is no doubt helped by outstanding creative work done in titles like Thor, Iron Man and Captain America--where independent storylines are maintained yet somehow conforming to a coherent whole--from its new breed of talented and imaginative creative teams. For this title that officially starts the event, writer Brian Michael Bendis' tendency to become overbearing is more than counterbalanced by Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales and Laura Martin's tremendous work. While this issue may not be the biggest "Event" book around, it certainly is one of the best-looking. It also signals the start of a major shift in the Marvel Universe's status quo.

Beginning with the ravaging affects of Avengers Disassembled and following the aftermaths of House of M, Civil War and Secret Invasion, culminating with the evil Reign of Norman Osborn, the Marvel Universe has been left with its greatest villains holding more power and control than ever before.

On the brink of madness, Osborn, in his final bid to take total control, targets the final obstacle in his mission...Asgard. Events are set in motion forcing our heroes to put aside the deep rifts that have grown over the past seven years.

Opposing them stand a horde of evil that has begun to take down the gods of the Golden Realm! SIEGE will rock the foundations of every super hero, villain and team in the Marvel Universe. As an era ends, one word will ring above all others...'SIEGE.'
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