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The Zombies That Ate The World #1 (of 8)

The Zombies That Ate The World #1 (of 8)
CBR | 29 pages | Feb 2009 | 24.5 MB
The Zombies That Ate The World is an eight-issue miniseries from Devil's Due Publishing set in a future world where the dead have come back to life and the living are forced to coexist with them by law. Given that as premise, Jerry Frissen & Guy Davis turned what would otherwise be another horrible horror gorefest into something totally unexpected and most welcome--a very funny, macabre, terrific horror series that Quentin Tarantino would wish he'd written (not that he ever entertained the idea of writing comic books). Part homage to the genre, part parody, and partially a bizarre tongue-in-cheek sociopolitical commentary, it's a fun read and a great diversion from the usual--and it seems now pedestrian--blood and gore of the sub-genre or from the usual hero fare.

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