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Starman #81

Starman #81
CBR | Jan 2010 | 25 Pages | 29.2 MB
Apparently DC is trying to wring as much comic book sales out of its Blackest Night event as possible, coming up with single-issue revivals of titles that have already ceased publication. As to whether or not such tie-ins are of any consequence, that's for the reader to find out for him/herself. This particular tie-in however manages to come up with nice epilogues to Shade and Hope O'Dare. And yes, veterans writer James Robinson artist Bill Sienkiewicz can still deliver. A Minutemen scan.
A Blackest Night special tie-in! James Robinson revives his beloved STARMAN series for one more issue as a Black Lantern Starman haunts Opal City. Which Starman has returned and who can stop him from wreaking havoc on the city? Well, the Shade would rather just continue his date with Hope O'Dare, but if no one else can be bothered, what choice does he have but to investigate? Just don't dare call him a Super Hero. As the rest of the DC Universe is learning, defeating Black Lanterns isn't easy - is this the final curtain call for the immortal Shade? Find out in another of this month's one-issue revivals of classic DC Universe titles!
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