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A Very Zombie Christmas One-Shot

A Very Zombie Christmas One-Shot
CBR | Dec 2009 | 32 Pages | 13.8 MB
Remember that classic holiday film about what the world would've been like if someone had never been alive? Well, this isn't quite the same... This winter, the weather outside isn't the only thing that's frightful! The wrong sort of holidays spirits are on the loose as zombies roam the streets, spreading their own gift that keeps on giving. You'd better watch out...

For us who love holidays, here's a seamless Halloween/Christmas treat. Also for all those pedestaled--or should I say peduncled?--high-brows who feel uptight about the walking dead. Nothing that a nice healthy serving of holiday zombies by way of Season's Eatings... err... Season's Greetings, can't cure. :)
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