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Daytripper #1 (of 10)

Daytripper #1 (of 10)
CBZ | Dec 2009 | 24 Pages | 21.3 MB
From all the hype generated by its previews one would think that this ten-issue miniseries is another one of those titles being published by Vertigo and that one would easily expect another great yarn. No, and yes. It is quite unlike other Vertigo titles; it is a subtly poetic, poignant and intensely personal look into the psyche of a person who longs to be someone and somewhere he is not. And it more than lives up to expectations. Such a transcendent work by the creative team of Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, perfectly using the medium of comic books to become, and rise above, comic books. A more than worthy addition to the illustrious Vertigo library.

Download MIRROR #1

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