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Tales From Wonderland: The Mad Hatter II (One-Shot)

Tales From Wonderland: The Mad Hatter II (One-Shot)
CBR | Oct 2009 | 46 Pages | 22.3 MB
Drake Liddle was a sick man forced into a world where madness reigns supreme as he eventually accepted his fate and took on the persona of the “Mad Hatter” but who was the one that wore the hat before him? Who was the man that donned the skins and created the madness to begin with? The original Hatter will be revealed and the madness can never be stopped! Includes part four of back-up story “The Arrangement.” Writers: Rave, Gregory, Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha; Artists: Chris 'Crank!' Crank, David Nakayama, David Seidman, Eric Basaldua, Mark Roberts, Nei Ruffino, Vic Drujiniu

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