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Spin Angels #1 (of 4)

Spin Angels #1 (of 4)
CBR | Aug 2009 | 53 Pages | 37.8 MB
Jean-Luc Sala, a writer who lives in Bordeaux, originally created the story for Spin Angels for a French audience through Soleil Productions in 2004. With art by Pierre-Mony Chan, Spin Angels told an action-filled story of a black-ops group of specialists and spies working for a Cardinal of the Catholic Church, although for French audiences, the comic was known as "Cross Fire." The comic was a huge success with French audiences, who were attracted to its unique combination of religion and action, carried along, perhaps, by another publication that could, in a way, also be summed up in like fashion--the huge international phenomenon Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, released the year before. As part of Marvel's ongoing relationship with Soleil, the company decided to publish the comic for American audiences as a four-part limited series (not three as previously solicited) with the tag, "Mature Content" and here we are. Well worth the download.

A head-on collision between John Woo and John Paul II! On the fringes of the Vatican’s religious administration, a powerful Cardinal is overseeing the execution of the Church’s most discreet objectives with a force of black-ops specialists and spies. When a mafia godfather puts his best hit man in service of the Vatican to settle an honor debt, he will act as the guardian angel of a beautiful young investigator, but can he keep her out of the crossfire? Ancient secrets threaten to uproot the seat of religious power, and there are people ready to kill to protect it. Can good men fight fire with fire without losing their souls?
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