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Asylum of Horrors #1

Asylum of Horrors #1
CBR | Sept 2008 | 101 Pages | 40.2 MB
Asylum of Horrors is a horror anthology series published by Asylum Press. So far there are three issues planned, with issue #3 slated for "Winter 2009." Inasmuch as the first two issues have been released just prior to Halloween in the U.S., that schedule is doubtful. Anyway both issues offer enough scary and gory stories to satisfy most hungry horror fans. Intended for mature readers.

Giant sized first issue! The inmates at the ASYLUM bring you a new breed of horror. This anthology features 13 stories from the best writer’s and artists in the industry. In “Human Growth Hormone” by Frank Forte, a geeks love for a girl drives him to desperate measures. “The Last Line” explores a man’s bizarre train ride. Kevin Colden conjures up a Satanic yarn of death. Other tales include; “Love or Obsession” by Kudranski, “Madness” a Lovecraftian horror tale, “The Parts” by Sekuloski and “Ruined Earth-CARNIGOR” an apocalyptic zombie tale by Billy George. Two one page shockers by fan-fave Nenad Gucunja. Marcin Ponomarew brings a tale of Lovecraftian horrors. Plenty of creep, gore and twists for fans of horror comics old and new. Writers and Artists: Frank Forte, Symon Kudranski, Kevin Colden, Billy George, Riste Sekuloski, Nenad Gucunja, Aaron Rintoul, Marcin Ponomarew, J.C. Wong, Robert S. Rhine.
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