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Anna Mercury #1 (of 5)

Anna Mercury #1 (of 5)
CBR | 27 pages | Apr 2008 | 23.3 MB
This is the dazzling first five-issue miniseries from Warren Ellis and new talent Facundo Percio. Don't look now but we will surely see a movie based on this character. “She floats and leaps around the city like she’s Daredevil, Lara Croft and a character from Crouching Tiger all rolled into one,” Warren Ellis says, shedding (just a little) more light on his title character, “but no-one can get a good look at her. A lot of people don’t even think she’s real... She’s real,” Ellis confirms. “It’s the city of New Ataraxia that might not be real. And yet there she is in this weird retropolis out of American 1950’s science fiction magazines, disrupting the activities of the War Department, Magnetic Science and the Metropolitan Police, apparently working for no-one but herself… because no-one living there would believe who she’s working for.” Also included is the Artbook, "The New Ataraxia Mission" released April 2009.

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