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Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak: The Night Stalker #1

Sherlock Holmes & Kolchak: The Night Stalker #1
37 pages | CBR | 25.1 MB
A crossover of two of Moonstone's most popular titles, bringing together two markedly contrasting fictional investigators from two different eras--Victorian England and early 1970's USA--and from two different media: book and television. Mythological birds, a British historical criminal, Sherlock Holmes, and Kolchak. As unlikely a team-up as only Joe Gentile can make it happen, but with seamless, thoroughly enjoyable results. That's me speaking.

Download MIRROR #1

Download MIRROR #2

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yahwehfrk said...

Thank you very much for this series. I have most if not all of the Kolchak comics and it is good to see that Moonstone is continuing with the series.

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