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The Incredible Hulk #600

The Incredible Hulk #600
July 22, 2009 | CBR | 54 Pages | 34.8 MB
Well, since ol' Spidey has his 600th issue and since he also guest-stars in the this the 600th issue of probably the strongest of all Marvel title characters, I may as well post it. I must say, however, that I gave up on the Hulk when Jeph Loeb got onboard. I was already confused with the ordinal sequence of issues (from what I have counted, this should already be at least issue #604) and the ever-present need of writers to give in to their egotistic urges and meddle with continuity with little or no logic. Frank Miller or Alan Moore or Neal Gaiman break from established character or comics universe canon but they do so with well-thought-out storylines that transcend and elevate the medium into rarefied levels of art and literature. Jeph Loeb does not, for he evidently can not. And I won't even quote the issue solicitation lest I be tainted with the same misleading hype no doubt stoked by Marvel executives' greed for sales. 'Nuff said.

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