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Fathom. Volume 3. Number 8

Fathom. Volume 3. Number 8
July 29, 2009 | CBR | 25 Pages | 16.1 MB
The black make their final push to cleanse the earth, and it's up to the Blue, along with the world's allied forces, to save the planet…and all of mankind! As the end draws near, the battle of the century begins and nothing will ever be the same again. Plus, Aspen goes toe to toe with the one person even she might not be able to defeat! Brought to you by the same great FATHOM creative team of artist Ale Garza, writer J.T. Krul, inker Sal Regla and colorist John Starr.

Download MIRROR #1

Download MIRROR #2

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Christian said...

Thank you! I always wondered what this was about!

Charcoal Charmander said...

Aw, can someone fix the download links? Both have been deleted :c

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