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Shadowhawk & Vampirella - Creatures Of The Night #1-2

Shadowhawk & Vampirella - Creatures Of The Night #1-2
1995 | English | 2 issues | CBR | 59.3MB
This 1995, two-issue mini-series teams up two of the day’s most popular night creatures: Harris Comics’ Vampirella and Image Comics’ ShadowHawk. A deranged villain named Kaul has formed a cult of followers—his “BloodHawks”—into an army of Chaos. To promote its mission of destroying Order, they begun targeting Catholic churches, brutally slaying any parishioners in attendance. Vampirella and her crew have been on Kaul’s trail for some time, and finally manage to catch Kaul’s minions in the act. Information she extracts from the survivors led her to another church targeted by Kaul. When she arrived, though, she saw ShadowHawk in the midst of pursuing his own violent brand of vengeance on the BloodHawks. Vampirella attacked, sinking her fangs into ShadowHawk’s neck and absorbing the AIDS virus from his bloodstream. At the same time, she infected him, turning him into a true creature of the night.
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