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Aliens vs Predator - Duel [TPB]

Aliens vs Predator - Duel [TPB]
English | 49 pages | CBR | 17.3MB
In this new series, soldiers answer a distress call from the last remaining inhabitant of Ryushi and make their way toward the planet. Although they are unaware of the events that transpired there before, they are cautious nonetheless since they suspect Aliens are involved. When they land on the planet’s surface, however, they are ill-prepared for what they find. Not only are Aliens lying in wait for them, but Ryushi is also the unwilling home to the alien hunters known as Predators. The Predators’ ship had crashed upon the planet earlier, and ever since they had been fighting a deadly duel against the Aliens who had overrun the planet. Naturally, the soldiers discover the true nature of the situation they have walked into only when they are squarely trapped between these two warring races.
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