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Blue Bolt TPB

Blue Bolt TPB (1998)
English | 92 pages | CBR | 79.9 MB
By Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. This edition reprints the Golden Age Blue Bolt stories for the first time ever! All nine stories are in full color and mark the first time Jack Kirby and Joe Simon collaborated. Forget how much the originals cost, just try finding them on the market. Includes all of the Green Lady's never-ending efforts to seduce the Blue Bolt in this out-of-this world intergalactic adventure.
Download MIRROR #1

Download MIRROR #2

4 comment(s):

nude0007 said...

this is ok, but I like to open the file and edit them which seems to be impossible in this case. what kind of file is it? how do I access the images? It is way too dark and the colors are off. I could fix it if I could open it up.

pariman said...

This is CBZ, which means that its just ZIP-archive renamed. Re-rename it to ZIP, you'll get your images

nude0007 said...

when I un-zipped it, instead of the usual folder with images within, I got a file named _.bluebolt
what does that mean?

pariman said...

Have no idea what are you talking about. Inside ZIP we have 2 itsms
Inside folder there are 92 jpegs

Download it again and check it again

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