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The Complete Bojeffries Saga (TPB)

The Complete Bojeffries Saga (TPB)
CBR | 80 pages | June 1994 | English | 54 MB
The Complete Bojeffries Saga collects the appearances of England's most disturbing family from various comics and magazines of the '80s and '90s. Created by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse, the Bojeffries clan may remind you of the familiar Addams Family, but with a more darkly humorous side: Uncle Raoul, the werewolf with a taste for poodles; Uncle Festus, the foul-mouthed vampire; Ginda, a brutish woman (?) who just wants a boyfriend; Grandpa Podlasp, a cthuloid monstrosity living in the greenhouse; Reth, a somewhat quirky though comparatively normal young man; and on top of it all, Jobremus, head of the family, a mad scientist of sorts whose "curiosity dampener" prevents the neighbors from asking too many questions.
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