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Black Canary/Oracle/ Huntress: Birds of Prey TPB

Black Canary/Oracle/ Huntress: Birds of Prey TPB
English | 215 pages | CBR | 70.2MB
When Dinah Lance, aka the freelance superheroine Black Canary - an expert martial artist with a potent 'sonic cry' - takes a job from the mysterious information-broker known as 'Oracle', little does she realise that a powerful new partnership is about to begin! 'Oracle' is, in fact, Barbara Gordon - the former Batgirl, left in a wheelchair after being shot by the Joker. While she is a computer expert with access to vast data repositories, she needs a field agent to act for her - and Black Canary fits the bill! Join the Birds of Prey through a series of hard-hitting contemporary adventures, and some team-ups with most unexpected allies, including the Huntress and Catwoman!
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