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Wolverine: Wendigo! #1 (One-Shot)

Wolverine: Wendigo! #1 (One-Shot)
CBR | Jan 2010 | 53 Pages | 41.2 MB
This one-shot comes from Marvel's online digital comic series "Monsters, Myths & Marvels" exploring the many such creatures and entities that populate the Marvel Universe. This time it's about the mythical savage creature known as the Wendigo. Both the Wendigo and Wolverine had their very first appearance in Incredible Hulk #180 (October 1974) which, for those who follow my posts, was reprinted in full in King-Size Hulk #1 (Released May 29, 2008) that I posted as part of the Hulk Vol. 2 current and complete series compilation (link in details). In that King-Size the Wendigo also appears in the main feature versus the Red Hulk.

A camera crew torn limb from limb attempting to shoot footage of a mythical beast in the deepest forests of Canada. Two survivors spouting wildly diverging stories about a ferocious, white-furred monster and the mysterious stranger that came to their rescue. How are the police to make heads or tails of all of this? Let's go to the videotape! Also featuring: 'Wolverine Vs. Thor': Want to see what happens when a jerky-chewing kanuckle-head steps up to the Asgardian God of Thunder? Let's just say that it doesn't involve tea and biscuits. Featuring Wolverine and Logan in their first encounter, which first debuted on MARVEL DIGITAL COMICS.
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