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Incarnate #1 (of 3)

Incarnate #1 (of 3)
CBR | 45 pages | Aug 2009 | 38.2 MB
In the new tradition of musicians creating comics comes Radical’s Incarnate, from Nick (son of KISS’ Gene) Simmons, a three-issue miniseries that is a reinvention of the vampire mythos. Simmons, as both writer and artist surprisingly does a respectable job of breathing new life into the undead. The comic, unlike others from Radical Comics eschews the high-brow painterly approach and comes across just like any normal comic book on the stands, except that it clearly shows Simmons' manga influence. The solicited dates of release are not really accurate; the second issue Minutemen scan surfaced just last week.

From Nick Simmons, son of rock legend Gene Simmons and star of A&E’s GENE SIMMONS FAMILY JEWELS, comes a revolutionary new take on the undead.

Mot is a boy who cannot die. Riddle him with bullets, burn him at the stake, douse him with napalm, hang him from the gallows…still, he will walk away. Forever haunted by a mysterious doppelganger that no one else can see, Mot has wandered the world for centuries, searching for meaning and, perhaps, an end to his endless life.

He is a Revenant—an immortal, ageless creature that has existed since time immemorial. Their origins are a mystery—they have been worshipped as gods, feared as monsters, and scorned as devils. But they have always been there, living in plain sight, in the bright altars and dark corners of every ancient civilization since the beginning of humanity. There has never been a force on this earth that has been able to give them the death that Mot, secretly, seeks.

Until now. Now, something is different. Now they are being hunted. A shadow organization known only as Sanctum has discovered a way to kill the Revenants, and is carrying out a secret genocide that spans the globe. Mot, his protégé Connor, and the rest of the Revenants now must decide how to ensure their place at the top of the food chain. Mot finds himself smack in the middle of an escalating war between mortals and immortals, neither of which he identifies with. Will he choose a side? Or will he be labeled a traitor, and be hunted down not only by humans, but by creatures as invulnerable and merciless as he is?

Nick Simmons’ breakout American Manga title reveals a world that challenges even the imagination, planting its tongue firmly in cheek, then biting it off...And swallowing it.
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