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The Tingler #1 (of 2)

The Tingler #1 (of 2)
CBR | Oct 2009 | 10.1 MB
Vincent Price starred in the 1959 horror-thriller film "The Tingler " directed by producer and director William Castle. In the film a pathologist, Dr. Warren Chapin (played by Vincent Price), discovers that the tingling of the spine in states of extreme fear is due to the growth of a "tingler"—a spinal parasite which can kill the host unless it is destroyed by screaming. The film was equal parts imaginative, creepy, funny, weird, ludicrous and contrived with external gimmickry but at its best moments it was indeed a spine-tingler. Now Bluewater serves up a special two-part limited series from its ongoing Vincent Price Presents title that is a direct sequel to that 1959 classic with writer Mark Millar and artist Alex Lopez. This, too, is a tingler.

In this special 2-part series, the direct sequel to the Vincent Price classic The Tingler, Dr. Chapin and his crew search for a primitive tribe with ties to the elusive creature spawned from fear with a grip like iron. But what they find in the dark jungle gives new meaning to the word terror!
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