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Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special #1 (One-Shot)

Marvel Mystery Handbook 70th Anniversary Special #1 (One-Shot)
CBZ | Sep 30, 2009 | 68 Pages | 62.6 MB
As the Marvel Universe celebrates 70 years of the world's greatest comics, journey back to where it all began -- OFFICIAL HANDBOOK OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE style! Featuring the greatest characters of Marvel's first year -- a year that not only gave us the Sub-Mariner, the Human Torch, the Angel and Ka-Zar, but also THE TWELVE's Black Widow, Phantom Bullet, Electro, Mister E, Dynamic Man, Phantom Reporter, Fiery Mask, Master Mind Excello and Laughing Mask! Also featuring a host of oddities from Fletcher Hanks' Whirlwind Carter to Taxi Taylor! Plus: an introduction by Timely comics scholar Dr. Michael J. Vassallo! WRITERS: Michael Hoskin, Ronald Byrd, Anthony Flamini, Stuart Vandal, Kevin Garcia, Jacob Rougemont, David Wiltfong, Sean McQuaid; PENCILS: Mitch Breitweiser; COVER BY: Mitch Breitweiser

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