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House of M: Masters of Evil #3 (of 4)

House of M: Masters of Evil #3 (of 4)
CBR | Dec 2009 | 26 pages | 24.2 MB
What do you do if your criminal gang has outgrown their territory? If you’re The Hood you set your sights on taking over a whole country! But the mineral-rich South American nation of Santo Rico already has rulers—the X-foes known as Madison Jeffries and his insane, flesh-twisting brother Lionel--who don't intend to give it up without a fight! Oh, and we finally learn how Magneto feels about all this... WRITER: Christos Gage; PENCILS: Manuel Garcia; INKS: Jesse Delperdang; COLORED BY: Impacto - Bruno Hang; LETTERED BY: Dave Sharpe; COVER BY: Mike Perkins

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