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Dark Reign: The List: Hulk #1 (One-Shot)

Dark Reign: The List: Hulk #1 (One-Shot)
CBZ | Oct 2009 | 50 Pages (2 Covers) | 36.9 MB
Dark Reign: The List is a collection of one-shots dealing with different characters in the Marvel Universe who are hunted by Osborn as based on a checklist he had made of those he thinks most dangerous to him. It sets the status quo for many books. In The List: Hulk Norman Osborn emphatically decides that now permanently-puny Bruce Banner and his son Skaar are threats, and sends Moonstone and a tricked-out Victoria Hand to deal with him. As per usual where the Dark Avengers are concerned, the battle is sort of dirty and underhanded, and therein lies the fun of it

Norman Osborn thought he had a plan for keeping the Green Goliath from mussing his wavy coif -- but he forgot about the Hulk's most dangerous incarnation. Now the H.A.M.M.E.R. comes down as Banner and Skaar face Osborn's deadliest femme fatales in a monumental battle of brawn and brains. Plus a reprinting of Amazing Spider-Man #14, the first appearance of the Green Goblin & guest-starring The Hulk. Story by Greg Pak; Art by Ben Oliver; Colors by Justin Ponsor; Letters by Simon Bowland
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