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Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 2 (TPB)

Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 2 Trade Paperback (TPB)
CBZ | March 2002 | 357 Pages | 152.5 MB
Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Volume 2 was a trade paperback (TPB) published by Marvel Comics that contains stories originally published by Marvel in single-issue comics magazine form as Daredevil (Vol. 1) #168-182. The modern definition of Daredevil began in 1979 with Frank Miller's entrance on the title. Miller's first contributions were as an artist, where he imbued a new dynamism and a dramatically different visual style. The series' tone became noirish with Hell's Kitchen itself playing a more prominent role. With Issue #168, Miller additionally became the series' writer, and the comic underwent a drastic metamorphosis.

The most significant change was the introduction of Spider-Man villain Kingpin as Daredevil's new arch-nemesis. Until that point, Daredevil's enemies were primarily, though not exclusively, costumed villains. The Kingpin was a departure in that although he possessed extraordinary size, strength and fighting ability, his villainy came from his ruthless brilliance in running a criminal empire, rather than superpowers. The title still retained costumed antagonists — notably Bullseye and Elektra — but found its central theme to be one more grounded in reality: organized crime.
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