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Manara Jodorowsky, «Borgia»
Heavy Metal Magazine | ISBN: 1932413421 | 2005 | PDF | 56 pages | 28.9 MB

There are topics which are forbidden to speak about in history. Everybody knows the events in our history which are described in official history books 180 degrees different as they were in reality. Only because the winners write the history and it is not allowable to show the winners in any other way as heroes and good ones.
So this two books about Borgias is just one example how it is possible by picture book tell little different story than an orthodox history tells us.
But even without all this it is very good book with fine graphic and little humor.
I would suggest to everybody who admires the Milo Manaras art and to everybody who are interested to have a little history lesson.
Good enjoying!

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Download HERE

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