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Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire

Modern Masters Volume 10: Kevin Maguire
TwoMorrows Publishing | ISBN: 1893905667 | February 7, 2007 | 128 pages | CBZ | 60MB

In 1987, a year after Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns turned comics grim and gritty, artist Kevin Maguire proved that comics could still be fun, with the release of the "all-new" Justice League. His style was the perfect match for the humorous dialogue and character-driven stories, and the unlikely series quickly developed a large following. But the glue that held the series together was Maguire's ability to convey emotion on the page. The Justice League, Captain America, the X-Men, the Defenders... they are all actors on Maguire's stage, and he directs them with the ability of a true Modern Master. This new volume in the Modern Masters series features a career-spanning interview and tons of artwork, including a large gallery section featuring many rare and unpublished sketches and finished pieces.

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Download HERE

It will be great, if someone can help me to find Volumes 19, 20, and 21

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