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Soulfire New World Order. Volume 1. Number 0

Soulfire New World Order. Volume 1. Number 0
July 2007 | 16 pages | PDF | 10.3MB
Writer: J.T. Krul ; Artist: Francisco Herrera

Exploding from the pages of Soulfire! The power of magic has returned, and people across the globe are discovering their strange and sometimes disturbing relationship to the Light. As old allies arrive to search for the missing light bearer, another ominous force is gaining power, intent on making his mark on the world... even if it leads to the destruction of mankind! Dark and violent, New World Order is a story about the future of humans surviving in a world of magic, steering towards their own salvation... or doom. This gripping new mini-series serves as the direct lead-in to the exciting premiere of Soulfire: Volume Two!

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